Uncovering the P90X Affiliate Program: How Does It Really Work?

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Onto the article...

Alright, you bought P90X after watching the Tony Horton infomercial and survived the first ninety days.

Heck, you probably flew through the P90X DVDs, loving every minute of it!  You feel great, friends and neighbors marvel at your physical and spiritual transformation (You might even be getting big-time “stares” in the supermarket aisles, but I digress.).

Then, it hits you:

“I’ve got to share this with other people.  Where can I find the P90X affiliate program?”

Or maybe you just want to be a P90X affiliate because you know it’s one of the hottest selling fitness prouducts of all time and an easy way to make extra money online.

How P90X Rewards its “Affiliates”

In classical affiliate marketing, merchants provide you with an affiliate link(s) that you promote in exchange for sales commissions whenever visitors purchase from the merchant through your link.

However, P90X does not offer such a deal.  Instead, Beachbody – the company behind P90X and an entire suite of health, fitness, and nutritional products – offers P90X devotees a chance to become a “Coach”.

“Coach?  I don’t want to be a coach!  I just want to earn some money on the side…”

Relax.  We’re not talking about Xs and Os, running workouts, or organizing fitness camps.  Among other things, becoming a Beachbody Coach entitles you to sell P90X on a straight commission basis.  If that’s all you want, go for it.

However, there are additional benefits to becoming a Beach Body Coach…

The Benefits of Joining Beachbody

By purchasing your Business Starter Kit ($39.95) and paying a $14.95 membership fee every five weeks, you become part of Team Beachbody, one of America’s most successful and recognized leaders in accessible home fitness.  Your benefits include:

  • Support from a $100 million national advertising campaign featuring Tony Horton, P90X, and other great Beachbody health and fitness items.
  • A 25% discount on all purchased items, including P90X Fitness and Nutrition Packs.
  • Earned money from P90X-related sales and/or a binary compensation plan that generously rewards active sponsorship.
  • Access to Beachbody resources and support staff, ready to work with you and your fellow coaches to build your business.
  • Get this, NO INVENTORY!

Beware of Scammers!

Given P90X’s popularity (approximately two million DVD sets sold worldwide), it should not come as a surprise that the Internet is filled with “bootleg” versions being passed off as the real deal.

Contrary to popular belief, Team Beachbody did not become what it is today by working this MLM low road.

With both your personal and business integrity at stake, make sure that you purchase and sell P90X and other Beachbody products directly from Beachbody or through a legitimate Beachbody Coach.

A Final Note

Perhaps it’s a network marketing cliché, but with P90X and other Beachbody products, you must be a walking billboard for your business.

Getting into great physical shape and staying in great physical shape is the best testimonial you can offer prospects and customers.

People take their health and fitness to heart, so if you have what it takes to share your P90X success story with others, then Team Beachbody may be that once in a lifetime “coaching” opportunity you’ve always been looking for.