P90X Equipment: My Five Favorite Home Gym “Must Haves” for P90X

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The P90X fitness program empowers you to realize positive, life-altering change.  By forgoing the comfort of your local gym, you agree to push ahead with this 3-month program on your own.  However, passing your physical and the P90x Fit Test are not quite enough to get started.  In order to ensure a winning P90X experience, please ensure that you have the necessary home equipment.

Relax, it’s not as scary (or expensive) as you think…

P90X Equipment Home Gym
Looking for home gym equipment for P90X? Don't worry, building an effective home gym doesn't have to be expensive. You can build a great home gym for less than the price of an expensive membership at a health club.

Tony Horton and the folks behind P90X know that you have a budget to respect.  Hence, they have created exercises for home gym enthusiasts that do not break the bank.  In fact, the following five (5) elements give you everything you need to benefit from all the workouts (estimated price per item included):

1. P90X Extreme Home Fitness Package ($129):

Kind of obvious, right?  Assuming that you have access to a fully functional television set and DVD player, all the core elements are at your fingertips:

  • The Workouts – includes 12 DVDs with 12 Extreme Training Routines
  • ”How to Bring it” video – Quick overview of the P90X program
  • 90-Day Progress Tracking Calendar
  • 3-Phase Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Guide

2. Chin-up Bar ($25 to $75).

Chin-up exercises are important for strengthening the shoulders, back, and arms.  While a standard steel door bar should do the trick, you may want to upgrade to a dual or deluxe version to give you more exercise options.  For example, most equipment stores offer bars that let you do pull-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups from a variety of positions within the same workout session.

This will prove invaluable when performing your P90X workouts…

Chin-up bars are inexpensive, so it’s probably worth getting reputable, high quality craftsmanship even if this is your first purchase.  Steer clear of equipment that forces you to drill holes or attach fasteners to your room entrances.  I’d look for multi-position, non-slip foam grips, a strong steel frame construction, along with easy assembly and removal instructions.

3. Dumbbell Set ($400 to $800).

Weight training or resistance training remains an important part of any workout program, especially for ab, chest, and arms. So, it’s important to have a variety of weights available for different exercises, especially as you get stronger.

Your dumbbell options include rubber Hex (near odorless), standard iron, and cast iron insertible plates.  Look for deals at various fitness outlets that also include a sturdy rack for safe keeping.  If space is an issue at home, consider purchasing a pair of 5-55lb Slide-N-Lock dumbbells.

Note: the price mentioned above includes a full set of dumbbells, which isn’t necessary to get started and may be out of reach for some people’s budgets.  It’s perfectly fine to just buy a set of dumbbells at a weight you are comfortable with, then add /buy heavier weights as you increase strength throughout the P90X program.

4. Resistance (Elastic) Bands ($15 per resistance level).

Resistance bands are becoming a popular alternative to weights for strength training and conditioning.  You may need 2-4 resistance levels for the exercises required in P90X as you advance.  However, the relatively low cost should not deter even the most hesitant beginner.  Some professional strength resistance bands (e.g. Level 3 and above) are encased in a safety sleeve for long wear and extra stretch ability.

5. At Least Eight by Eight Feet of Floor Space In front Of Your Television (More if training with Partner(s)).

Other items to consider include a yoga mat and yoga bar ($25), a heart rate monitor ($40-100), and push-up bars ($20).  Given P90X’s emphasis on yoga and plyometrics (i.e. cardio jump training), the mat might be a good investment on par with the “must haves” mentioned above.

All said and told, even a premium P90X-oriented home gym can be set up for less than the cost of a full year membership at a premium gym club.  Not having to drive to the gym and wait in line to use the equipment justifies the cost enough for most people.  (Bonus, you don’t have to watch a bunch of meat heads grunting as they throw around the weight equipment)

As a final note, the equipment mentioned above can serve as a great starting point for home gym equipment whether or not you choose to use the P90X System.  If you haven’t already tried Tony Horton’s P90X and are considering investing in the 90 Day program, you may be interested in checking out my complete P90X review.

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  1. Chris, Agree, P90X is a really good program and the variety keeps it interesting, dare I say fun! Glad you mentioned the Beach Body’s Power 90 in your review, for those that need to work up to P90X.

    • Power 90 is definitely a toned down version of P90X and more suitable for people who are just getting started.

      I will probably have a full review of that program in the near future.


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