Taylor Lautner versus Kellan Lutz: Who survives the Twilight Eclipse Workout Showdown?

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Following in the tradition of Hollywood’s other coming of age flicks, “The Twilight Saga” series has spawned a fresh crop of superstars for an awestruck 15-24 (and younger) age group.  Twilight’s cast members are popularizing new fashion and lifestyle trends, not to mention health and fitness ideas that risk going mainstream fast.

In the Red Corner, at 5’10”, 165 Lbs, Taylor Lautner!

Nobody within the Twilight cast has generated a bigger fitness “buzz” than Taylor Lautner, who portrays Native American werewolf Jacob Black.  Lautner’s drive and determination to save his role in New Moon (2009) is fast becoming the stuff of Hollywood legend.

For those not familiar, Taylor went on a protein-heavy “meat and sweet potatoes” diet, and embarked on a supervised, 8-month “killer” workout regime that added thirty pounds of lean, muscle mass to his previously meager frame.

In the Blue Corner, at 6’1”, 175 Lbs, Kellan Lutz!

Not to be outdone in the fitness wars is Kellan Lutz, who plays the humorous but conflicted vampire Emmett Cullen.  Although Lutz may be less prominent that his younger stable mate (Kellan is 25; Taylor 18 as of this writing), he has earned considerable notoriety for his 6-pack abs, Calvin Klein underwear ads, and his Men’s Health celebrity workout feature.

Oh yeah, Kellan graces the cover of the July/August 2010 issue of Men’s Health (Not to be outdone, Lautner is the July 2010 GQ coverboy).

How their Workouts Compare.

Kellan Lutz’s workout emphasizes strength and balance over sheer power.  It requires strong cardiovascular stamina and coordination to complete a full cycle, let along the ultimate goal of three circuits.

While only three of the eight suggested exercises require weights, don’t let that fool you!  This is a true abs workout that should gain favor with sports-oriented guys (Kellan played high school football) who seek that lean and ripped muscular look.

Taylor’s pre-Eclipse workout is more conventional than his New Moon regimen.  Understandable, since he now has the build to handle any type of powerlifting/weightlifting program.

Though by no means bulky, Lautner does exude a burlier, more powerful look than Kellan Lutz.  We would have to assume that Taylor incorporates a strong cardio program into his current fitness program, perhaps related to his martial arts background.

Back to Reality: Pros and Cons of each Workout.

Both workouts can clearly deliver results – just look at these two specimens!  Unfortunately, Hollywood and mainstream reality are two different things.

Taking Taylor’s and Kellan’s ages, vital stats, and athletic backgrounds into consideration, only a small percentage of regular folks should even attempt such demanding programs.  It is much better to tailor (no pun intended) your workout after getting a physical, evaluating your fitness goals, and reviewing your training history.

Cannon’s Conclusion:  And the Winner Is…

Actually, both guys are winners and should be commended for taking their health and fitness so seriously.

However, the Free Muscle Building Tips team sincerely hopes that rumors about Kellan’s smoking habit are untrue.

We also advise young Taylor to reevaluate his heavy protein diet periodically and perhaps reduce his red meat intake in favor of more beans and legumes.  Don’t have to go vegetarian or vegan, but you can’t go wrong with a balanced diet.

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Chris Cannon