Thigh Gap Diet for Your Body Type

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Having a thigh gap is a continuously growing trend in the fitness industry and more and more women just like you want to know the best diet and exercises to get a thigh gap.

It isn’t uncommon for athletic women to have thigh gaps. Also, because hip structure takes a play in whether you have a thigh gap or not it will be easier for women with wider hips to get a thigh gap.

But what if you’re not a professional athlete or don’t have wider hips? Is it still possible for you to get the coveted thigh gap?

The answer is yes, and by making some simple tweaks to your diet and adding in some simple inner thigh exercises you can start to see results towards getting a thigh gap in a month or less.

So let’s get started!

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Thigh Gap Diet Plan

First I want to state this up front…

You can not eat to specifically get a thigh gap, there’s more to it than that. You need to eat right to lose weight throughout your entire body, the thigh gap will then follow.

Also, you’ll want to add a workout program with your diet to see faster results. You can do very specific inner thigh exercises to get a thigh gap.

But, just like men, women have different body types and each body type reacts to foods differently and gains weight in certain areas unique to each other.

As a woman, your body type likely falls into one of four categories: a rectangle body, an apple body, a pear body, or an hourglass body type.

Once you determine which body type you most closely match you’ll want to develop a diet plan that will give you the best results based on your body type to lose weight and get that coveted thigh gap.

If you’re not sure about your body type watch the video below then once you’ve determined your body type continue reading to discover the best thigh gap diet for you based on your body type.

How to Eat Right And Get a Thigh Gap For Your Body Type

Rectangle Body Types

​If you have a rectangular body type you will notice you have narrower hips and it tends to be easier to keep weight off.

What does this all mean for you on your diet plan?

Having a rectangular body type, means your body will respond to certain foods better.

In your diet, include healthy fats, like nuts or cheese and add plant proteins, like peas or black beans to your daily meal plan.

So, this next taco Tuesday, be sure to add a helping of black beans.

It is a common thought that if you eat fat, you get fat, this is actually far from the truth.

Eating an excess of carbs and sugar is what will add that unwanted weight to your figure.

Eating healthy fats will actually provide you a long-lasting energy source during the day.

Carbs and sugar are sources of fast energy, ideal for working out and help add to your glycogen stores in your body, but once that storage is filled the remainder will start turning to fat.

It will be key for someone with a rectangular body type to stay away from too many sweets, fast foods, salty foods, carbonated drinks, and bakery products.

You will want to space your eating patterns four hours apart, so four hours after breakfast, then after lunch, etc.

Drink a minimum of two liters of water daily. Yes, that much water does seem like a lot but don’t forget, the body is made up of about 60% water.

By making these adjustments into your daily meal plan you will be well on your way to becoming a healthier version of yourself and shedding that necessary weight to make a thigh gap more visible.

Apple Body Types

The apple body type is a unique body shape where most weight is noticed in your mid-section.

You may be wondering why eating for this body type will then help you get a thigh gap.

It all comes back to the inability to target one specific part of your body to lose weight. By knowing you have an “Apple Body Type”, now you can eat for that body type which will help slim your figure and legs down, showing a thigh gap.

With the apple body type, plan six small meals throughout the day. It is important, for this body type, to eat often but smaller portions at a time.

So what should you be eating?

Plan your diet around foods rich in fiber, and vitamin C, an include fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products.

Definitely avoid any fast food and bread, for a lot of us and specifically apple bodies, we see a lot of weight gain in the mid-section.

Knowing how fast food and bread, or carbs, can add unwanted weight, it will be crucial for your body type to control your bad eating habits.

Pear Body Types

The pear body type tends to have larger hips compared to bust measurement.

The likely places one would add weight is around the hips and thighs.

If you have ever heard the saying, “that’ll go straight to your hips”, then in this case, with a pear body type, it will.

So how can you lose weight with a pear body type?

First, focus on adding high protein foods to your diet. This will consist of meats, fish, eggs, seafood, and dairy products and avoid any refined foods like white bread, noodles, and rice.

Similar to a keto diet, you will want to restrict yourself from eating little, if any, carbs and focus on higher protein consumption. The higher protein intake will help with slimming your thighs to get a thigh gap, especially with an added workout regime.

What next?

Now, it will be crucial to boost your metabolism and cleanse your body from toxins that slow your metabolism. How do you do this?

A great home remedy for boosting your metabolism is by eating tomatoes because of the vitamins and mineral it holds.

By adding fruits like watermelon and pineapple to your diet, you will then remove any toxins in your body and naturally speed up your metabolism, creating a better environment for your body to lose weight.

One more fancy trick to help my fellow pear bodies, if you drink green tea before every meal, you will trick your body into thinking it is fuller than what it is.

By doing so, you eat less food, meaning less calories.

Hourglass Body Types

Lastly, we have our hourglass body type.

The hourglass body type is a combination of the previous types, but those with this type will gain weight evenly throughout their body and have a lack of muscle tone.

Here is the plan of attack.

One of the first actions you should take, as an hourglass, is to schedule 5-6 meals, of smaller portions, with low glycemic indexes for your day.

The glycemic index is an index showing the glucose levels of all types of foods, the higher the glucose level, the more it will affect your blood sugar levels and the harder it will be to lose weight. For a great chart to go by, check out this article from ​Harvard Health​.

When planning your meals, your diet should consist of fresh fruits, healthy fats, and high protein foods.

Just like the previous body types, it will be important to remove sweets from your diet, specifically products made with white flour, dried fruits, or nuts.

It will also be crucial to avoid eating refined foods, anything refined will have a negative effect and will stunt your progress.

Final Thoughts on Thigh Gap Diet

By reading through these unique body types, you should have a pretty good understanding of which type you are and how to adjust your diets.

Note: If you had trouble putting yourself into a specific category then you are most likely an hourglass body type.

This will be the first step of reaching your goal of getting a thigh gap and showing off those legs.

Again, if you’re not already athletic, don’t let that scare you away from trying. Everyone has to start somewhere, just like other corrective habits, it will take dedication and some motivation.

I strongly recommend adding a leg workout regime with your diet plan. The great news is you can do all these exercises at home and there is even some home gym equipment you can use to help get a thigh gap.

To your thigh gap dieting success!