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I was at the gym a few weeks ago working out and chatting with my friend Marissa. She was telling me about this new program she was using to get a thigh gap – a goal she’d been working at for a while.

Marissa was getting great results and she only had been at it for about two weeks. She was as thrilled as if she had just been able to eat a banana split without worrying about the calories.

I had to pry her plan out of her (Marissa is pretty proprietary about her looks), but eventually she spilled the beans on the 7 exercises that she was using to get to a thigh gap in one month.

In this article, I’m going to tell you what she told me plus I’m going to give you a few other killer tips I’ve picked up when it comes to getting a thigh gap along the way.

I’m excited about this one!

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Hacks to Get a Thigh Gap

There are 7 basic exercises that when practiced consistently will allow most women to achieve a thigh gap. All of these exercises are designed to tighten and tone the inner thighs.

This routine is of a moderate intensity. But it can be adjusted to be easier for beginners – I’ll go over the adjustments needed along with an important mindset shift to help you get better results at the end of this upper inner thighs workout.

In this article, I’ll also cover a few thigh gap tools that you can use if you’re looking for machines to speed along your progress.

Upper Inner Thighs Workout

Do these 7 inner thigh exercises 3 times a week to get the best results. This is what my friend Marissa is doing and her results are IMPRESSIVE.

1. Ballet Raise – Inner Thigh

If you have trouble balancing during this exercise, it’s OK to hold onto a railing or the back of a chair.

You start this exercise with one foot placed flat on the floor. Then you point your toes on the opposite foot and place it directly in front of the flat one with your pointed toes touching the floor.

You’ll want to slowly lift that foot as high as you can. You can increase the amount of the lift over time as your balance and ability increase. Keep your toes pointed as you perform the lift.

Lower your leg back to the starting position.

You’ll want to work up to bringing your toes to just above your knee.

Do two sets of 15 on each side to start and work your way up to 3 sets of 20.

2. Inner Thigh Lift Exercise

You can do this exercise on the floor, but most people find that it’s more comfortable with a workout mat and a neck pillow for this exercise.

This is one of those moves that’s harder than it looks, but it well worth it in the results it gets you.

To start, lie on your side and move your top leg over and to the front of your bottom leg so that it’s resting on the floor.

Then, extend your bottom leg and point your toes.

Next, lift the bottom leg off the ground. You want to aim for six inches, but start where you can.

Hold each repetition for 3 seconds and lower your leg without allowing it to touch the ground.

Switch legs and repeat.

Move slowly for the best results. Work up to 10 reps for each leg.

3. Inner Thigh Press Exercise

This is the kind of exercise you might find in a pilates class. It looks deceptively simple, but it really works.

Lie down on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Your legs should be about two feet apart.

Keeping your legs straight, cross your arms and hold each leg right below each knee.

Push your legs in with your arms and push out against your arms with your legs.

Hold this for 5 seconds at a time and work up to 10 seconds.

You’ll want to start with 3 sets of 10 and work up to 3 sets of 15.

4. Hip Adduction for Thigh Gap

This exercise not only works well to create a thigh gap, but it also lifts your butt. So you get more out of each movement with this one.

Sometimes this is also called the “thrust and squeeze or squeeze and thrust”.

Start by lying down with your knees bent and your arms at your sides. Your feet should be about 12 inches apart and be flat on your matt or on the floor.

Keep your lower back on the floor throughout this move.

Pull your abs in towards your spine and then squeeze your bottom. Lift your bottom off the floor slowly pushing through your feet.

While your bottom is raised, press your knees together and then lower your bottom to the ground.

You can squeeze a medicine ball between your knees for an extra challenge.

Start with 2 sets of 15 reps and work your way up to 3 sets.

5. Cross Stepping Exercise

You can do this exercise at home on a regular staircase or at the gym on a stair master machine. It does take some endurance, so start where you are able to and build up as you can.

When you’re doing this exercise make sure you are facing the railing and holding onto it in order to increase your balance.

Start at the bottom of the staircase and cross one leg over your other let and onto the bottom step.

Then cross over the opposite leg and climb up to the next step.

Keep on going until you get to the top of the staircase.

Start with 1 staircase and increase to 3 over time. If you need an extra challenge you can add ankle weights as well.

6. Inner Thigh Squats with Weights

You’ll need hand weights for this exercise. Start with what you are comfortable with and work your way up to about 15 pounds. If you don’t have weights at home you can use soup cans or water bottles instead.

Start by holding 1 weight in each hand. Then stand with your legs a bit more than shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be flat on the ground and your toes should point out slightly.

Slowly move into a squat and hold for 3 seconds. Then move back to a standing position.

If you need help with balance, you can do these squats with your back against a wall.

Start with 1 set of 15 and move up to 3 sets.

7. Lateral Lunges with Weights

Just like above start with hand weights that you’re comfortable with and move up as you get stronger.

Start out with weights in both hands. Stand with your feet close together and have your head face forward.

Next move one leg to one side in a wide stance then move into a squat on that side, keeping your head straight ahead.

Keep your opposite leg fully extended. Then switch legs and repeat.

Start with one set of 15 for each leg and move up to three sets.

How to Adjust This Routine to Create a Beginner Inner Thigh Workout and Get Faster Thigh Gap Progress

I’m a big believer that workouts should be accessible to everyone. So if you need more of a beginner workout to help tone your inner thighs, here’s how to adjust this one – and most other workouts.

First, remember that any movement is better than no movement.

If you try an exercise and can only do 1 or ½ a one then start there and give yourself credit for starting. If you add a tiny bit each day, you’ll be amazed at how much stronger your body gets over time.

Next, ditch the weights.

If an exercise calls for weights you can start without them and move onto weights later.

Third, try the mindset of 100% dedication and 0% expectations.

As you get stronger, you will see results.

But instead of measuring inches or pounds lost try measuring how much more you are able to do. This shift in mindset can help keep you motivated to keep going.

Thigh Gap Tools – Other Tricks to Achieving a Thigh Gap

There are several tools available commercially that can help you achieve a thigh gap.  Here are a few that I think are worth looking at.

Thigh Gap Shaper

This isn’t a workout tool but can help you get the LOOK of the results you want while you’re doing the exercises to GET the results you want. For some people, this can really help with staying motivated.

This thigh slimmer will compress your thighs and waist and give you a smoother look under your clothes – no unattractive wiggles, jiggles or bounce.

Thigh Gap Resistance Band

There are a lot of different resistance bands on the market. For price and quality I like these the best.

These bands work great with the inner thigh lift exercise and can be used for many booty lifting exercises as well.

Thigh Gap Machine

I’ve looked for a good machine to create a thigh gap and what I’ve found is NOT impressive. I recommend that you look at the resistance bands and a set of good quality hand weights instead.

Don’t waste your money on these gadgets.  It’s not worth it.

The Bottom Line on Achieving a Thigh Gap in One Month

These are all solid exercises for toning and strengthening the inner thigh.

If you do them consistently you’ll see progress – many women will get a thigh gap in a month just from these seven exercises.

But if it takes you longer, don’t give up.

Keep on working at it and keep working at making your body stronger and more functional.

It’s always worth it to be as fit as possible.

To your thigh gap success!

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