WarriorBabe Review – Does Warrior Babe Blueprint Work?

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Everyone wants to have more control over the way their body looks, and in this WarriorBabe review, we’ll cover a new workout regime that claims to help you achieve the results you want and sculpt your body into your preferred shape.

Most of us have tried different diets and workouts only to fall short of the results we ultimately want. Many of these programs aren’t sustainable for most women in the long term. An even more significant number of women struggle with what they should eat, how much, and what exercises to pair with their nutrition.

WarriorBabe promises to tackle all of this uncertainty and struggle and help all women find ways to control how their bodies look long-term using a mix of education, preset programs, and community involvement.

Regardless of your past experience or what shape you’re in currently, this program vows to give you all the support and knowledge you need to set achievable goals and succeed. This program is also ideal for those who aren’t sure what to eat along with their exercise regimen, as the WarriorBabe diet includes educating participants about basic macronutrients.

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Overview of WarriorBabe

The WarriorBabe program features multiple parts that help educate women about how their bodies work and respond to various diets and exercise regimes. The WarriorBabe Blueprint includes seven weeks of material that you cover on your own time, worksheets, and live Q&A calls.

As an active participant, you’ll watch the videos, receive a list of action items to complete, and gain access to valuable tools and templates that you’ll need to succeed. The benefit of following this proven process is that you’ll start to see results and have the opportunity to make adjustments and ask questions as you go.

You also get lifetime access to this program and expert mentorship that can help you reprogram your brain to achieve higher performance levels. When you subscribe to the WarriorBabe VIP program, you’ll also get customized WarriorBabe meal plans and WarriorBabe workout videos sent to your phone or account.

Special Features (Pros) of WarriorBabe

Unlike many workout programs, this one comes with an active community and regular live sessions so you can interact with other women, get help on specific topics, and share information about meals and workouts. This kind of outreach makes the program more fun and removes the pressure of trying to accomplish fitness independently.

The course content is also laid out in full on the WarriorBabe website so you can see:

  • What’s in store from week to week
  • Understand how much time you need to set aside for each module
  • Get expert help with the goal-setting part of the process to increase your chances of success

There is a time listed for each module, so you know upfront how long that part of the course takes. This blend of online content, an active community, and expert mentorship when you need it also allows users to learn in a way that best fits them and isn’t one size fits all.

Drawbacks (Cons) for WarriorBabe

This WarriorBabe review would be incomplete if we didn’t discuss some of the drawbacks of the program. The first drawback is that it’s hard to pinpoint a cost for this program as it’s not readily listed anywhere, and you’ll need to provide your name and email to get any of the free materials.

Applying for the WarriorBabe program starts with an introductory questionnaire that requires individuals to answer twenty different questions. This questionnaire helps to determine their reasons for starting the program and what they struggle with in relation to food, their body, and exercise.

Answering the questionnaire doesn’t take very long, and the questions aren’t invasive, so it’s as simple as selecting the answers that best fit the way you feel. After the questionnaire, you get invited to apply for a free strategy session call, but you aren’t guaranteed a spot unless they think they can help you. Only the top 20% of applicants move on to the next phase.

WarriorBabe Reviews Around the Web

For a well-rounded WarriorBabe review, we wanted to include some outside perspectives from authoritative sites and actual customers. The WarriorBabe Youtube channel has several videos where they interview real users and talk about their experience and essential parts of the program.

There are also three WarriorBabe Facebook groups run by the founder, Nickiey Stott, with several thousand members. The most active group is the WarriorBabe Blueprint group, with 2.7K members and over 80 posts daily. There are no Facebook reviews for this program, but on the WarriorBabe website, there are many positive reviews from women of all ages and fitness levels.

Otherwise, there isn’t much in terms of a WarriorBabe review on other sites, probably due to their rigorous screening process and how well they create a protective and supportive environment for their participants.

The trainers are clearly very serious about providing an excellent quality program, and there’s no tolerance for inappropriate behavior on any of the platforms they use or for those who are less than serious about getting in shape and meeting their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about WarriorBabe

To round out this WarriorBabe review, let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions.

Does the WarriorBabe Program Work?

Many customer testimonials claim that this program works, but only if you commit to all of the segments, including the educational videos and exercise routine that pairs with the nutrition element.

What do the WarriorBabe Diet and WarriorBabe Meal Plans Look Like?

You don’t get access to the details of the WarriorBabe diet and meal plan ideas until you get accepted into the program, but the general guideline is that you’ll meal prep most or all of your meals once a week.

The process involves picking two proteins for the week and blending them with healthy carbs, fruits, and vegetables. The WarriorBabe meal plan is not restrictive or a “fad diet” and encourages a balanced lifestyle where you can eat the foods you love and even consume alcohol in reasonable quantities.

What is a WarriorBabe Workout Like?

The WarriorBabe workout mainly includes HIIT training, lifting, and cardio spaced out throughout the week. The exact program varies from one individual to another based on their personal goals.

Cannon’s Conclusion on WarriorBabe

I’m a big believer in trying different programs and mixing things up. If you’re getting bored with your current program or looking to get started with something new, it can’t hurt to give WarriorBabe a try.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, my personal favorite workout program tailored just for women is Visual Impact for Women by Rusty Moore. The key thing that makes Rusty’s program different is his “100% Fit and Feminine” approach to women’s fitness. You can see my full Visual Impact for Women review here.