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Zac Efron is living the American Dream, or at least coming close to it.  The twenty-two year old star of Disney’s “High School Musical” series already has over twenty movie and TV credits to his name, a net worth in excess of ten million dollars, and the enduring adulation of teenagers, “tweeny-boppers”, and camera-friendly Hollywood paparazzi.

Not too shabby…

Efron just missed the podium in Men’s Health’s survey of “2010 Best Summer Bodies”, earning fourth place behind Matthew McConaughey (2nd), and Twilight heartthrobs Taylor Lautner and winner Kellan Lutz (see Taylor Lautner workout and Kellan Lutz workout).  Don’t feel too sorry for Zac, though.  The multi-talented actor, singer, and dancer can find comfort in the company of girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, herself a Women’s Health Top-25 ‘Best Summer Bodies’ choice.

Hardgainers are Welcome!

When he’s not on the set of his latest film or musical project, Zac is likely working out to maintain and improve his already impressive body.  You’d never guess from all those shirtless poses on the beach that Efron is actually a hardgainer, i.e. an “ectomorph” prone to thinness and low body fat that must train, eat, and rest properly to grow and maintain his muscle mass.

We at www.freemusclebuildingtips.com are aware that young Zac trains upwards of five times a week, and will consume 3,500 to 4,000 calories a day (slightly less on non-heavy lifting days).  Efron has chosen to go ‘isolation’ (e.g. Chest and Back; Back; Shoulders, Legs, Core) on separate days for now, although full-body workouts remain a serious option as he gets older.

Lifting Heavy, Lifting Hard

Zac Efron’s superb abdominal development gets a lot of press these days, so it’s probably worth looking at some worthy exercise options that can also work for you:

  • Barbell and/or dumbbell flat bench press
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Weighted chest dips
  • Dumbbell squeeze press

Three sets of eight repetitions are recommended; performing too many repetitions will only strengthen “slow-twitch” fibers for stamina, not fast-twitch fibers for muscle mass growth.  Maximizing the weight used, even working to failure, also encourages faster growth.

Even if you are new to strength training and muscle mass development, you cannot go wrong with the so-called “Big Three” of weightlifting: Dead lifts, squats, and bench presses.  These and other compound (multi-joint) exercises are recognized for packing on lean muscle mass faster than most isolation exercises like bicep curls or quadriceps extensions.

Cannon’s Conclusion

Developing a “Hollywood-friendly” physique (six-pack included) is more than just vanity on Zac Efron’s part. By adding lean muscle mass and working out on a consistent basis, he is better able to land “adult” roles, like that in “Charlie St. Cloud”. It appears that we can look forward to a more mature Efron now.

For the rest of us, a workout and diet program like that found in our #1 recommended muscle building program is a more realistic approach.

Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon

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