Mirror Review – Is the Mirror Really Worth It?

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Overview of my Mirror Review

Today’s review is for a fantastic advancement in fitness tech, the Mirror. The Mirror is more than a tool for seeing your reflection now. 

Brynn Putnam is a former ballerina who wanted to be able to work out in her home without giving up any of the benefits of classes. So, she created the Mirror, and it’s an incredible step forward for everyone.

This mirror has all the “usual” features of seeing yourself and your form, PLUS tech addons that let you connect to instructors, classes, and even friends for your workout sessions. Imagine getting up in the morning for a stretch and being able to watch your form. Then you take in a weights session with a class later in the day. And you can wrap up the day with a friend for a wind-down yoga session. 

But this is an investment, so you’ll want to review it carefully. I’m here to help with that. So, in this Mirror review, here’s what I’ll bring you.

  • I’ll start with detailing a few of the features and benefits of the Mirror.
  • Then I’ll move on to a few extra special features.
  • After that, I’ll introduce any downsides to the product that I find.
  • I’ll give you some information about the Lululemon company.
  • And I’ll wrap things up with what a few real people think of the Mirror. 

Features and Benefits of the Mirror

Have you ever tried to correct your form on a new movement without the benefit of a mirror? Being able to view your position while you’re working out is invaluable. And the Mirror takes this benefit and flies with it. 

Not only can you see yourself, but you also have access to class instructors and personal trainers who can see your form through the Mirror’s camera and help you to correct any form issues. This way, you reduce the risk of strain and injury.  And with this expert instruction, you gain more from your sessions by using the movements to their maximum benefit!

Workout to music and get a rhythm going. You get access to professionally curated playlists that feature popular music from any genre – or sync your Apple Music to use your own playlist!

Do you reach your goals more quickly under competition? Well, the Mirror helps you with that, too. You can join competitive classes to earn points. You can connect with friends who use the Mirror for joint sessions. And you can track your results with a personalized dashboard. 

Beyond fitness today, there are future benefits planned for the Mirror. They’ve already moved from simply workouts fitness and into meditation. Eventually, your Mirror could be how you socialize with long-distance friends, learn about health topics, or even attend physical therapy. 

Special Features of the Mirror

Line of Sight: Have you ever been in a workout class and struggled to keep your instructor in view? Not with the Mirror. Your view of your instructor will be completely unobstructed view at all times!

White-Glove Delivery: You have the option to install your Mirror yourself, but why would you when you can have a pro install it wherever you need it? They’ll deliver, install, and you’ll be able to work out in less than an hour. You can even call them when you move so they can set it up in your new home.

Home Trial: The Mirror’s producers know that new equipment decisions take time to consider, so they offer a home trial so you can get to know your application, the Mirror, and the workouts available to you in the comfort of your home. You get 30 days to see how much you’ll love it, or they’ll pick it up for you with a full refund. 

Warranty: You get a full one-year standard warranty that protects you in case of a rare defect. They’ll replace or repair your Mirror for you.  Plus, there’s an extended protection plan available. You’ll want to check these out in detail. 

Drawbacks and Cons of the Mirror

Price Tag: The Mirror is a significant investment and may be hard on the wallet.  But if you consider the cost of getting to and from the gym and the cost of the dozens of different classes you can take live or on-demand, you’ll see the value in it.

Subscription: This isn’t a one-time purchase. You’ll purchase the equipment, and then you’ll pay a monthly subscription to have access to the classes. But the subscription price is a fraction of what you’d spend if you decided to take more than one class at a time. 

Mirror Video

Here’s a video by a reviewer who refers to her Mirror as her new best friend! 

About the Lululemon Athletica Company

Most people know Lululemon for its buttery soft workout apparel. Founded in 1998, the company believes that it is the global community that drives them.  They want to design and produce good looking gear that people can sweat in and feel great about themselves. 

Now the company is moving forward by entering partnerships that allow them to help more people strive to live their best lives. Their collaboration with the inventor of The Mirror is just one step forward in their journey, and yours.

What Real-Life Customers Have to Say About the Mirror

There are a lot of reviews out there for this Mirror, and I haven’t found a bad one yet. Here are just two of the glowing testimonials I found. 

My husband and I have had the MIRROR for a year now and absolutely love it. We definitely feel it has kept us healthier this past year. The multitude of classes that can be done at our convenience is perfect. I enjoy the dance, kickboxing, and cardio while my husband loves the strength & stretches. It has it all at various levels. Also, love that you can pull up the instructors on an iPad when we are traveling. My own traveling coaches:) Best investment we have made in 2020! And, for many more years and classes to come!

Marcia & Kevin from Ohio love the variety of classes they can take with their Mirror subscription.

The thing that makes the mirror a game changer a combination of the convenience of working out at home and the awesome personal trainers who guide you through your workouts. I used to pay over $100 a month for a boot camp gym where I would have get myself, more than I cared to rush over at the start time. Now I can go whenever I want, and I don’t have to leave the house and I can take any class I want whether it be focused on cardio, arms, abs, core, legs, etc. There are also tons of classes to give you a lot of variety, so you don’t get bored, which is a factor for me, so I like that you can change it up. I also prefer instructional workouts and the trainers on the mirror, and the trainers always come with awesome workouts. I like working out with dumbbells, but there is a variety of equipment such as resistance bands, kettlebells, or body weight. The instructors are like personal trainers and are very motivating. They know exactly how to make you move your body with said equipment to get a great workout. Overall, the mirror has been a game-changer for me because I use it way more than any gym I used to go to. I see actual results. It helps keep me motivated, and I feel great.

Shawn from California never gets bored and loves the convenience his Mirror provides.

The Bottom Line on the Mirror

So, the Mirror brings you all the classes you’d find at all your local gyms combined – in your own home! Yes, it’s an investment, but if you add up all the classes you’ll take, I’m sure you’ll find that it pays for itself and more. 

Plus, the inventor, Brynn Putnam, has dreams of expanding its functions and capabilities. You’ll be on the frontlines to see what they dream up next as the programming grows. 

As it is now, the Mirror is already an incredible advancement in-home workouts and self-care. I’m sure you’ll want to consider adding it to your home gym.

Some Accessories to Enjoy with Your Mirror

You can get quality resistance bands and a heart rate monitor that pairs directly with your Mirror in the Starter Pack. Or you can pick and choose.