If you’re reading this post then you’re probably checking out different Visual Impact Training reviews to get an idea of whether the program is any good or not and what other people are saying.

As someone who has been through the program I’ll give you my opinion on the program and let you know whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

The reality is that hitting plateaus in muscle gains or definition is a common problem that lots of experienced weight lifters have.

The traditional Western approach of working out muscle fatigue and then resting the muscle groups every other day can be effective, but it almost ALWAYS leads to this kind of plateau.

That’s where Eastern European techniques can work wonders – I’ll go into how in a little bit. Rusty Moore has a program that is specifically geared toward using these techniques but for average people and not just Olympic weight lifters.

It’s called Visual Impact Frequency Training and it’s billed as the ultimate “plateau buster.”

Visual Impact Frequency Training can help you bust through plateaus

Overview of My Visual Impact Frequency Training Review

I’m super stoked to bring you solid information about this product. It completely turns traditional Western weightlifting ideas on their head and gets GREAT results.

What's inside Visual Impact Frequency Training

In this Visual Impact Frequency Training review you’ll discover:

  • Who Is Visual Impact Frequency Training For?
  • The Pros of Visual Impact Frequency Training
  • The Cons of Visual Impact Frequency Training
  • The Key Features of the Program
  • A Video Review of Visual Impact Frequency Training
  • Visual Impact Frequency Training Ratings For:
    • Ease of Use
    • Features
    • Customer Service
    • Value for the Money

Who is Visual Impact Frequency Training For?

I’m going to start my review with this section, because Visual Impact Frequency Training is different than any other product I’ve reviewed and it’s not for everyone.

Here’s what Rusty Moore say about the program:

If you have less than 2 years consistent resistance training experience please don’t order this course.

– Rusty Moore, creator of Visual Impact Frequency Training
best workout to break a plateau

I agree with him. This type of training is best for people with lots of experience with resistance training and it won’t work well for you if you don’t have that experience.

If you are new to working out or if you don’t have a lot of experience with resistance training I recommend Rusty’s other courses, which are perfect for those with less than two years of experience.

BUT if you have hit a plateau in your weight training program this is the PERFECT program to bust you through that plateau.

The Pros of Visual Frequency Impact Training

A completely different point of view: If you are going to get this training then you will need to have an open mind, because it is going to go against a lot of what you’ve been taught about weight training. Rusty goes over this in depth in the section called “A Paradigm Shift in Resistance Training.”

Make sure you READ this section. It’s important in order to get the best results. This paradigm shift will help you to BUST through any plateau you are experiencing by teaching to train in a different way.

a paradigm shift in resistance training

Detailed explanations about WHY the program works: This is something Rusty does in all his programs, but in this one it’s particularly helpful. He tells you all about the Eastern European philosophies of weight training and how they can give you an improved experience. I find that this is very helpful in sticking with a program.

Eastern European Training Principles

Detailed workout explanations and videos: This program REALLY shines with the level of detail that Rusty includes. The workouts are laid out in an easy to follow format. He gives tweaks you can do to each section and videos to demonstrate how this works.

frequency training videos

Cons of Visual Impact Frequency Training

Not for beginners: I’ve gone over this already, but I think it needs to be repeated. This program is NOT for beginners. It works best for people who have been doing resistance training for at least two years.

You must have access to a gym: This can be a well-equipped home gym or a regular gym, but you need to have access to a gym in order to do this program.

The Key Features of The Program

Visual Impact Frequency Training comes with everything you need for success with the program. You get:

  • An overview of the paradigm shift you’ll need
  • Training Principles
    • Muscle tone vs. density
    • Central nervous system and muscle tone
    • Learning from eastern European Olympic Teams
    • Workout Frequency and Muscle Recovery
    • Split vs Full Body Routines
    • Low Volume / High-Frequency Routines
  • Detailed Training Guides and Videos
    • Explosive Day Training in Detail
    • TUT Day Training in Detail
    • A Sample Low Volume High-Frequency Routine
    • Cardio for Glycogen Depletion and Calorie Burn
    • Dieting for Fat Loss
    • Tracking Your Progress
    • Tweaking the Program for Max Results
    • Explosive Training Videos
    • TUT Training Videos
    • Downloadable PDF

Rusty also has a great update in the program that you should check out.

Video Review of Visual Impact Frequency Training

This first video is results after 2 weeks. As you can see this works for women as well as men.

This second video is results after 7 weeks. It’s pretty impressive.

Visual Impact Frequency Guarantee

This program comes with a full 60 day guarantee. There are no questions asked, just email Rusty and he’ll give it to you if you want it.

Visual Impact Frequency Training guarantee

Visual Impact Frequency Training Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 5/5 – If you are experienced at resistance training you will find this easy to use. It even has videos.
  • Features 5/5 – This program includes everything you could possible need. I particularly like the section that allows you to adjust the training.
  • Customer Service 4/5 – Rusty always answers his emails promptly, but he doesn’t have a phone number.
  • Value for the Money 5/5 – I am blown away by the value offered in this program. If you are at a workout plateau, it should be a complete no brainer to pick this up.

The Bottom Line on Visual Impact Frequency Training

If you are experienced with resistance training and have hit a plateau this program will be awesome for getting you past it and you should get good results. Click here to get started with Visual Impact Frequency Training.

This program is NOT for beginners. If you are a beginner you’d be better off with Visual Impact Muscle Building or Visual Impact for Women.

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